Grant is the co-founder of the candy kids and the creator of this Wiki. He was born on May 14th, 2010. He is the second person to join the candy kids, joining on the day Candy kids was created.

Appearance and Heritage Edit

Grant is Caucasian. He has dark brown medium length hair with short bangs. He has teal eyes. He has German ancestry. His ancestors immigrated to Canada. They then moved to Central U.S.A. where Grant lives now. He is also 2% Pacific Islander.

Family Life Edit

Grant lives in the Midwest with his younger brother and his parents. He has a dog and two cats.

Love Life Edit

Grant is single. He is shipped with Jade very frequently. He is heterosexual.

Relationships Edit

Grant and Jade: Grant and Jade met in 2015 and remain Best Friends to this day.

Grant and Delainey: Grant and Delainey met in 2017 and remain best friends to this day. (ship ship ship >:3)

Grant and Octavian: Grant and Octavian met in 2016 and remain best friends to this day.

Grant and Angelique: Grant and Angelique met in 2018 and remain best friends to this day.

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